MG Empower

A dynamic new powerhouse

MG Empower, a fast-growing marketing ‘powerhouse’, connects ambitious brands to their global audiences, a great fit for Deep. With Excellence and Energy as two of their core values, we were excited to challenge their existing brand to work hard in a digital space.

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We determined a new user journey, showing an understanding of each core user type, and their requirements for using the site along with identifying opportunities to explore relevant case studies and cross-sell services.

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Transitions and animations, that added to the brand’s vibe, were carefully considered to add delight to the journey, without distracting or slowing the site speed down.


The site is big and bold, just like the brand that’s spirit is energetic and ambitious. It has given their team the ability to grow the site with new services and content using multiple flexible modules so that they can develop new pages and sections whilst our detailed SEO migration and onboarding will help the site be found by more global organic users.

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