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We want to see you flex

Journal 4

The number and way we interact with brand touchpoints is changing at a rapid pace, be it VR, digital, media or the latest streaming platform. Static design no longer fit for purpose. Where once a brand identity would be stamped across as many touchpoints as possible whilst following stringent rules to ensure consistency, ensuring the same message every time, it is no longer fit for our widening consumption of brand information.

Once a consumer sees the same visual application of your brand multiple times it becomes background noise, loses its excitement and fades into the ether. In a modern brand identity system, it’s important to be consistent and easily recognizable, but also to demonstrate variation and flexibility.

You’ve got to be interesting and allow for visual creative freedom and expression within the application whilst still retaining the core DNA of the brand. Flexible and adaptable brands allow for change that will delight and re-engage consumers, putting your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Be interesting.

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