In at the Deep End

Spotlight on Aidan Massey

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2023 Intern

Hear from our intern, Adian, who is now six months through his year-long placement with us.


What have you enjoyed most?

The welcoming work environment surrounded by a talented team ready to share their experience

What has been challenging?

Nothing in particular, but lots of things at once, New programs, new work/life balance, new projects and new design processes.

What has been really valuable to learn?

The entire professional process. From thorough research into clients’ needs, to working in a calculated manner that allows for development down the line.

What did you bring to Deep?

A million questions, a receptive attitude and some wacky ideas.

What have you learnt here that you will take into your final year at University?

Aside from the extensive technical knowledge I have acquired, the ability to detach myself from my work and view design critically as well as genuine confidence in my skill set.


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In at the Deep End is our mentorship program that offers hands-on project experience for interns and graduates. Interns develop skills by working on a range of live projects across brand, print, and digital and understand how commercially-successful solutions are a key part of working in the creative industry.

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Aidan’s attention to detail, reliability and conceptual thinking have been imperative to him becoming a vital member of the team.

Stuart Lamont Lead Designer at Deep